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When we talk about health, many a times we forget that the teeth are also parts of us. Now a time the dental insurance is going to be more popular, similar to health insurance there are many types of dental insurance plan available in the market.

Earlier dental insurance was also a part of health insurance, but dental insurance has become a separate entity. The insurance plan related to you depends upon your dental need. Basically there are three types of Dental Plan.

Similar to health insurance, one of the types of dental insurance is HMO dental Plan, second one is PPO dental Plan, how ever the third one is discount dental plan

Dental HMO plan

This dental HMO plan provides most comprehensive level of benefits with lowest level of money to be insured. In case of Dental HMO plan you are required to select a dentist, and every time you have to visit this dentist, when ever you become in trouble with your teeth. Usually in this types of plan you have to pay a small co-payment. This co-Payment is the payment that you will pay , directly to your doctor.

In this type of plan the dentist received a monthly capitation fees for accepting you as dental patients.That's why this types of plan is also referred as capitation dental insurance plans.

While choosing a dentist, you have to clearly check that your dentist accept this HMO plans.

PPO Dental Plan

In case of PPO dental plan you have the more freedom to choose your dentist for every visit, in comparison to HMO plan, where you can choose just a single dentist. How ever there is a limitation with this type of plan that you have to choose with a list of doctors provided by insurance company. The entire dentist provided in this list possesses a contractual agreement with insurance company.

In some case you have the facility, to choose your dentist out side of the list provided by the insurance company, but in that case you have to suffer with higher co-insurance

Dental Discount Plans

This plan is not a insurance. How ever this plan gives you a freedom to lower your fees. In this type of plan you have to be a member of dental discount plan, after that you get a member card. During the time of your payment, to your doctor, when you show your card you get a discount on your fees. With this type of plan a person can save $5 per month.

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