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Aetna Health Insurance Company

Aetna, a trusted name in field of health insurance, is one of the biggest companies providing affordable health insurance. The first Insurance plan was offered in 1850 at Hartford by this company. Since then this company is growing at very fast rate. Now at this time this company has around 15 million members in just medical insurance program.
Membership in Aetna
  • Medical Members: 14.65 million
  • Dental Members: 13.03million
  • Pharmacy Members: 9.34 million
  • Group Insurance members: 13.68
  • Primary care doctors and specialist: 418,000+
  • Health care Professionals 700,000+
  • Hospitals: 4231
Zip Code:

Aetna's Programs and products

  • Aetna offers a wide variety of insurance and employee benefit products
  • This Company also Offers consumer-directed health plan including HRA, HSA and RRA options .
  • Improving the health care quality along with increase in employee benefits cost.
  • Aetna gives better understanding of financial securities and health care.
  • It gives Special benefits to all the employees of all fifty states
  • Company also helps individuals and Medicare beneficiaries
Awards gained by Aetna Health Insurance Company.
  • This company is ranked for second health care company by fortune Magazine(2006)
  • This has got eValus8TM innovation award(2006) by National Business Coalition
  • Award of Innovation in Multicultural Health care by National Committee for quality Assurance(2006)
  • This company have got 2004 HERA Award by American Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) and Wealth Pharmaceuticals.
  • 2004 "Steve" award for Best Business Turnaround
  • Best Program in Disease Management in 2003

A person can get his Insurance policy directly from Aetna. This company Provides membership for employers, health care professionals and health insurance companies. A person wishing to get a quote can easily go for their website. Aetna also provides their 800 number so you can contact them at any time.

Plans Offered by Aetna

Plan for Small Business

Aetna offers plans for those companies having strength of less than 50 people. This small group plan varies from state to state. These plans are made for different industries

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Plan for large Companies

There are two kind of plans for larger companies, one for the companies having strength of more than 300 eligible employee and second for Middle market having strength of 50 to 300 eligible participant.

By getting insurance from Aetna , one of the benefit is that a person get his prescription medications online . In case your doctor is a member of Aetna, you don't have to go for Paperwork. He can get his drugs by just a click of his mouse.
One of the benefits of using Aetna for individuals is that one can buy his prescription medications through online.One can order his drugs, have a prescription refilled and track his order with the click of the mouse.

Quick Review....
Type Public ( NYSE :  AET )
Founded 1850
Headquarters Hartford, Connecticut , USA
Key people Ronald A. Williams , President & CEO
  Mark T. Bertolini : EVP and Head of Business Operations
  Margaret (Meg) McCarthy: SVP and CIO
Industry Health Care Plans
Products Health Care Plans
Revenue $25.146 billion USD ( 2006 )
Net income $1.702 billion USD ( 2006 )
Employees 27,820 ( 2006 )
Address: 151 Farmington Ave.
Hartford , CT 06156
Phone: 860-273-0123
Fax: 860-273-3971

Aetna Headquarter

Corporate Headquarters :
151 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06156
(860) 273-0123

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