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Health Insurance

Health is one of the prime possessions of an individual. It provides the potential of achieving the best in life. So, we need to take special care of such a critical component of one's life. For that purpose health insurance policies were devised out so as to provide a person financial help in case of some problem due to which one can't work for a time being like some kind of disease, accident, etc.

A health insurance policy is a form of contract between an individual and the company providing insurance which include various services being covered like required tests, treatment and drugs as the need arise.

Thus health insurance is a kind of insurance where one's medical bills are paid by the insurer according to the policy taken.

Group Health Insurance

As from it's name Group health insurance is the insurance for a group or a company having the range of employees from 2 to 50. Now a days these types of insurance have become popular. In this type of insurance, a list of doctors is provided to the employees, so ...

Travel Health Insurance

An insurance in which the person who is travelling, but don't want to take risk in his tarvel. Read about the coverage that a travel insurance includes, benifits and limitation and restriction about health insurance.
USA Travel Insurance

Dental Health Insurance

An insurance Specifically for teeth. Intrested in Knowing the plans provided by the companies ?, HMO Dental Plans ? PPO Dental Plans ? Discount Dental Plans ?..
USA Dental Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance

Insurance of short term, are also known as temporary health insurance.In case of Short term health insurance, most of the plans are available online,so they are much flexible...

Long Term Care Health Insurance

An insurance which is available for long time, and is mostly useful for elderly people who are suffering from devasting illness or some accident..

Students health insurance

An Insurance for the students, Want to send your child to abroad for study ?, but are concious to their health, Dont Worry, just take a suitable health Insurance, and we will help in finding the right plan.
USA Student Health Insurance

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